Helping Artists Through Coronavirus

RaRa is offering artists Free Professional Listings throughout coronavirus. Simply click on apply today and insert the promotional code RaRa2020 at the bottom of the page. 


Fallen in love with an artist? The RaRa directory showcases artists who are passionate about their creations. Once you’re attracted to an art piece, you can delve deeper to learn more about the artist. You will most likely find more work that suits your style. 

The RaRa directory allows you to have direct contact with artists and buy from them directly. Click on artists below to view their collections.  

Art is not sold directly through this website. The RaRa directory takes 0% commission and connects you with local artists. Please contact the artist directly in order to make a purchase. 

Featured Artists

Luiza Budea

Luiza gathered inspiration from nature, mathematics and classical art to create paintings that have the power to change the atmosphere of a room in the same way that music does. Her work is intended to create a feeling of calm and tranquility.

Rena B. Levine

Starting with dye paintings on paper, I treat them with materials such as bleach, salt and alcohol. Multiple paintings are then sliced and woven together to create intricate and dynamic compositions.

Rebecca Rose Fine Portraits LLC

Rebecca Rose is a modern day historian finding the utmost importance of documenting the beauty of each individual and/or family. As an award winning photographer her sessions are focused on creating tangible artwork which is on museum quality canvas.

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